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Ways to Reduce Skin-Aging Stress

A holistic lifestyle is living as organically & naturally as possible in order to produce and maintain good health.

However, even if you live a holistic lifestyle, there may some things that you don't realize cause oxidative stress.

Stress can be induced by many factors including what is in our environment, some of the products we use, and what we eat or drink.

Environmental factors can stress us out and play a big role in the condition of our skin.

These stress-causing factors can also make us sick. It's best to pay attention to what we're breathing, touching, or ingesting for this reason.


Holistic skincare is a combination of daily habits and lifestyle factors.

These include:

  • eating organic food

  • fasting

  • using natural skin care products instead of chemical-filled manufactured products

  • exercising

  • stopping bad habits

  • limiting alcohol use

  • protecting your skin

  • getting enough sleep

  • drinking plenty of water

All of these things help to reduce oxidative stress.

Bad habits, for example, can stress us out.

We may not even realize where the stress is coming from but certain things like smoking, drinking caffeine, or consuming too much alcohol can cause pre-mature skin aging.

In a world where coffee shops are on every corner, wrinkles around the eyes have become the norm, even in young people.

Too much caffeine is a silent stress-inducer. The skin is one of the most visible signals of our bodies being stressed.

One of the worst habits a person can have is allowing bacteria to build up in a house that isn't clean.

The list goes on and on of everyday bad habits that can cause health issues or premature aging. It is best to pay attention to your environment and bad habits so that you can avoid these harsh lifestyle and skin-aging hazards.

Dermal Absorption

Many of us don't realize how our environment can affect us, especially when it comes to dermal absorption.

Your skin is your body's largest organ and everything in your environment can affect it.

Your skin's job is to cover & protect your body.

Unhealthy skin can't do its job so it's essential to approach skincare with a holistic mindset & realize that what goes into the skin affects the health of your entire body.

Skin is naturally absorbent. Dermal absorption is the body's way of healing itself.

Dermal absorption is when a chemical or substance goes through the skin and enters the body.

If you expose your skin to chemicals, dyes, or harmful substances, your skin can transfer these substances to the rest of your body, which can hit your immune system hard and stress you out or cause health issues.

It can cause diseases such as cancer, infection, rash, and many other health issues.

Long-term exposure to certain harmful chemicals can even cause death.


Contact dermatitis (also called eczema) is when the skin is exposed to things that cause it to become inflamed either with an allergic or irritated reaction.

Contact dermatitis can also cause dry itchy scaly patches that worsen over time.

Many manufactured lotions also contain alcohol and irritants that can make eczema worse.

Many creams will help in the short term but make the condition worse in the long term.

What reactive skin needs is healing, not a temporary fix.

It is best to put healing ingredients on your skin and to know exactly what is going into your skin.

Try our lotion instead or you can make your own body butter recipe at home. This way your skin is getting only what it needs without the harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Our lotion or night cream is full of healing ingredients and doesn't contain skin-drying alcohol.

“Here at JUVTREE, we focus on the whole person; spirit, soul & body.”


Sometimes stress is related to your environment.

Cold weather, dry heat inside your house, a dusty or dirty house or workspace, being around chemicals, and overall stress levels can all affect the skin's health.

You can take measures to control your environment:

  • In the wintertime use a humidifier to add moisture to the air.

  • Clean your house at least once a week.

  • If you work in a dirty environment, wear a mask & gloves if you touch or are exposed to chemicals or harsh substances.


  • Take a warm infused bath.

  • Try to avoid people who like drama.

  • Get active.

  • Learn meditation and deep breathing methods.

  • Hang out with friends, in person. Not just on social media.

  • Confide in a close friend or family member.

  • Find things that make you laugh.

  • Make sure you're getting enough sleep.

  • Writing your feelings down can help you get them off of your chest.

  • Eat healthy organic food.

  • Stop bad habits. They make things worse!

  • Learn to say no. You don't have to be everywhere doing everything for everyone!

  • Stretch your body. This helps to relieve stress more than you think.

  • Listen to your favorite music.

  • Make something. Getting creative can help you focus your attention on something besides your problems.

  • Seek spiritual counseling.

*Results may vary. Please speak with your doctor before using our products if you are on any type of medication. Minerals & supplements such as essential oils may change the effectiveness of medication. Consult your doctor before starting any kind of diet, exercise program, or skin-care routine.


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