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The Definition of Love

The one belief most people have in common is love.

Love bridges the gap where religion or politics otherwise divide. It is the common denominator among varying sects.

Love bonds one creation to another.

It bonds animals to humans as pets, male to female as husband and wife, and man to God as their Creator.

Hands making a heart

Once we get an understanding that God is love (1 John 4:8), we can then see how love, or God, is the essence that holds all things together.

Love, literally does, make the world go 'round.

Many people misunderstand what love is and go through life not having solid relationships because of their misconception.

They are searching for selfish gain and when the relationship doesn't give them what they're searching for, the relationship fails.

Love isn't selfish and doesn't seek ones own gain. Love is of a giving nature.

Most of us know when we are treated badly that it didn't come from a place of love. We know what love isn't.

Let's discuss what love is.

The definition of love based on what scripture reveals about God:

Love expresses words of truth with humility, with the realization that only God is perfect.

Love isn't argumentative. It isn't angry, loud, boisterous, or aggressive.

A loving spirit is easy to talk to. Love makes you want to be around it, not feel the need to avoid it.

Love doesn’t constantly harass others about their behavior or their views or beliefs. Love realizes it needs to correct self- first.

Jesus encouraged his disciples, He didn’t condemn them or shame them for what they didn’t do right. Love is polite and kind.

Jesus didn’t even condemn the adulteress woman, even though she was clearly wrong. Love forgives and sets others free without condemnation.

Love doesn’t humiliate or demean others. Love doesn’t get up in one's face pointing fingers. It shows mercy and forgiveness.

A loving spirit doesn't consistently dominate the conversation. It shows respect and listens.

Love is shown in how we speak and respond. It's in how patient we are with another person's intolerable characteristics or personal traits. It's in realizing we don't know every detail about another person's life. Love is trying to understand where another person is coming from.

Love searches to lend a helping hand. Love is giving rather than complaining about what it's not getting.

Love isn't pushy. It doesn't disrespect or seek out arguments. Love is understanding and in the absence of understanding, love is silent. Love doesn’t speak just to be heard, it is graceful and purposeful.

Love sometimes catches others, so they won't fall. Other times, it teaches them to stand on their own two feet.

Love is an action word. It provides the little things that are only important to the individual receiving them.

It creates comfort in the midst of trials.

Love gives reassurance and compassion. Love surprises with good things.

Husband surprising wife

Love encourages others to be their best but has compassion when the best isn't achieved.

Love doesn't seek revenge when done wrong. It isn't hateful or spiteful.

Love is not easily offended & doesn't judge when another person fails. It doesn't do things to draw attention to oneself, even when in the spotlight.

Love is doing your best, being your best, and living your best so that others will find something good in you.

It looks for ways to make the good increase and the bad disappear.

Love is putting others first. It is saying please & thank you and using good manners.

Love is easy to give and easy to receive. Love caters to all, honors all, and gives all.

Love is easily defined in realizing that where there is love, there is peace. The definition of love is peace. Love never fails because it is peaceful. Choose the way of peace and you will have chosen to walk in love.

1 John 4:12 ..."If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us."

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