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Resources to Help You Stop Bad Habits


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One of the things that will bring you down quickly is bad habits. Bad drinking, drug, or eating habits can hurt your body, finances, and relationships. Bad spending habits will hurt your finances. A bad habit of being lazy will hurt your body and finances.

We reap what we sow. If we sow bad habits, we will reap bad consequences.


Bad habits are what generally cause our lives to spin out of control. We can try to steer our lives in a better direction, but bad habits tend to creep back up if we don't learn to exercise self-control.

It is possible to break bad habits. The key is to work on self-discipline (Ephesians 4:24, Colossians 3:10).

If we let our bad habits take control, we will be right back on a negative path reaping negative consequences. Bad habits are proof that our hearts have areas that need to be cleansed or healed.

Paying attention to your spiritual life is where you take control. It begins with faith in God. Allow Him to teach you. He can replace bad habits with new desires if we give up on our own selfish will and lend ourselves over to His leading.

If we hurt ourselves in any way, that is proof that we are not where we need to be, spiritually and emotionally.

Motivation alone will not break bad habits.

It takes discipline, willpower, knowledge, and understanding. If your search for help feels like a dead end, it's probably because you're searching in all the wrong places for answers.

I have news for you, wisdom only comes from God. It doesn't come from our own efforts.

The good news is, God gives wisdom liberally to anyone who has a willing mind to learn and a willing heart to be obedient to His will. (James 1:5)


If you want to stop a bad habit, learning what God's will is for your life is imperative.

If your drive is to be pleasing to God, He can help you walk away from any negative habit.

The key is to put your trust and faith in Him. You can overcome a negative mindset and live victorious over things that brought you down in the past when you realize that you don't have to be defeated.

It begins with prayer and working on growing spiritually. Start there, and ask God to help you stay strong. Strength comes from within. Below is a short list of resources to help you stop bad habits. Soon this page will have many more links so please check back for updates...

Suicide hotline dial 988!

Stop smoking websites:

Gum & patches-


Stop Gambling Websites:

Pinpoint your Triggers-

Read Testimonials of how other people stopped gambling-

Stop doing drugs or drinking alcohol resources:

Google Detox programs. Here are a few from the Birmingham area-

Stop porn addiction resources:

Join a recovery group-

Use an addiction recovery app-

More resources will be added as I find them. Please check back!

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