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Starting Your Own Business

When I became a real estate agent, I enjoyed being in a professional position, yet being in charge of my own schedule and having the flexibility to work when I want. I like having the freedom to go and come as I please, and always have.

But for some people, the risk isn’t worth the perks. One of the worst things I have found with being self-employed is the roller coaster income. Never knowing how much you will make is hard.

The worst thing about being self-employed is not being able to keep a definite budget due to not know what your income is going to be.

In real estate, some clients would take months or even years to choose a home. You spend all of that time trying to help them decide things such as location, square footage, and school systems and in the end they decide they don't want to buy yet. It can be a daunting task!

Before starting your own business, it is best to weigh the pros and cons. I strongly suggest doing so BEFORE quitting your day job. I wish I had weighed the pros and cons of real estate. I wish I had asked around to find out what the business is all about before diving in head first.

While being self-employed may be hard, it is also very fulfilling. The best way to create extra income is to offer your services to people you know. Then work your way up to full-time if you desire to run own your own business.

If you are considering starting your own business, I suggest having a mentor or business consultant to help guide you along the way. I offer free advice to anyone willing to take a leap of faith.

No Excuse for Unemployment

With the internet right at our fingertips, there are many ways to make money and start a business. You can do work from home businesses such as online stores, blogs, shopper services, and so much more.

Many businesses that require a degree out in the corporate world, are reachable as an independent contractor. A lot of times degree requirements are an internal employer requirement, not a state mandate.

This is where websites like Upwork and Fiverr come in. They charge a fee to help you get word out about your services. People hire you directly on the website and pay you there as well.

Freelance writing, graphic design, creative marketing, and so many more jobs are available that you may be qualified for. A perk to using sites like these is that you can do these jobs without a college degree. Although education helps, some employers are looking more for talented people.

Before you take a leap of faith, it is best to figure out what your state requirements are for the particular type of service you want to offer. There may be degree, licensing, or certification requirements. You may also need minimum years of experience in a particular field.

It is best to do your research before jumping out there into a pond of concrete.

Need help figuring out what you can do? I can help you find your niche. Drop me an email.


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