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Dermal Absorption Awareness

Inhalation, injection, ingestion, and dermal absorption are the four major routes for substances to enter the body.

Many times people stay focused on having clean air and eating the right foods but they rarely consider what they're touching or putting on their skin.

We purchase lotions, soaps, and other types of skincare without so much thought as to what we are exposing our bodies to. We assume it is safe just because it is sold in the store.

People who use toxic chemicals such as mineral spirits, paint thinners, or strippers are exposing themselves to harmful chemicals that are not even revealed on the ingredient list. Manufacturers hide harmful ingredients under other names.

Consumers are ignorant of chemical compounds and the reactions these compounds can have with one another. There are some chemicals such as benzene that can be fatal when in contact with another chemical, mineral, or process.

Benzene is carcinogenic (has the potential to cause cancer) in humans and yet it is the most widely used chemical in the U.S.

We get exposed to more harmful substances through the manufacturing process than we realize. This is why it is important to be mindful of keeping chemicals in the home and manufactured substances at a minimum & at a distance.

Even though we have regulations this is often not enough protection for our health. You may not notice their warning labels but you can be mindful to use as few chemicals as possible. Use gloves, and masks, and wash your hands after handling products, to protect yourself as much as possible.

Just because a substance works well, doesn't mean it is okay to use it liberally on everything. Many times a substance works well because it is high in harsh (cancer-causing) chemicals.

Be mindful of what you're putting your body through before you spray or pour toxic chemicals on things. What you breathe or touch matters!

“Cigarette smoke & second-hand smoke are important sources of exposure to benzene.” American Cancer Society

Benzene is potentially a cancer-causing substance. Why would you intentionally put this into your lungs? We can't live our lives flawlessly, I get that. But we can be mindful of the things we are exposed to. For many, smoking = death.

Another exposure to benzene is gasoline.

Standing near a running car exposes you to this chemical.

When pumping your gas it is advised to wear gloves, stand away from the pump so that you don't breathe it in, and wash your hands immediately afterward.

Use a gas station that has vapor recovery systems that capture the fumes.

Tips For Quitting Bad Habits

Part of living a holistic lifestyle is getting rid of bad habits.

Here at JUVTREE, we're all about helping you live a more positive lifestyle. Here are a few tips for overcoming your bad habits, limiting your exposure to harmful substances, and using methods to create positivity in your environment.

  • Use common sense. Don't expose yourself to potentially harmful substances.

  • Use essential oils to reduce stress & stay calm.

  • Take up new hobbies. Keeping your mind busy is important and helps with getting rid of bad habits.

  • Work more or start a new business.

  • Stay out from in front of the tv & don't sit around bored.

  • Make your own CLEANING PRODUCTS or purchase the all-natural ones we've made for you.

  • Make your own PERSONAL CARE PRODUCTS or purchase the all-natural ones we've made for you.

  • Avoid fragrance. Try essential oils instead.

  • Wear gloves & eye protection when touching anything that could be potentially harmful to your health.


  • Set a Quit date! Then ease your way down.

  • If you smoke a pack a day, cut it down to half and then slow down to 1-2 a day. Make yourself go as long in between as you can. YOU DO HAVE SELF-DISCPLINE but it's like a muscle, it has to be worked out to work.

  • Keep grapes, nuts, or other healthy small snacks you can replace the habit with.

  • Drink water like it's going out of style! This is a good habit to create and it helps to give you something to do with your hands. If you don't like water, try infusing it with natural flavors such as lemon or lime.

  • Concentrate on how much your overall health will improve.

  • Learn stress-reducing habits.

*Results may vary. Please speak with your doctor before using our products if you are on any type of medication. Minerals & supplements such as essential oils may change the effectiveness of medication. Consult your doctor before starting any kind of diet, exercise program, or skin-care routine.


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