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I am a mother of two handsome young men and one fur baby. I have many hobbies such as art, design, and writing. My favorite thing is helping other people prosper. You are made of something far greater than you can even imagine! This entire website is dedicated to helping you unlock that potential.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand" Isaiah 41:10


Somewhere around 1998 I was licensed and ordained to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I graduated from a small local bible college with plans to Co-Pastor a church. After a few months of doing that, I realized I am built more for behind the scenes work. I don't like to be front and center. Since then I've raised two boys and life has taken me in many different directions. I spend most of my time involved in real estate investment and use my business and skill set as a means for helping others. I am no where near where I thought I would be 25 years ago. The journey through life is amazing and I want to use the abilities and knowledge God has given me to help others reach their full potential.

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I believe we must make improvements, not excuses. Big changes begin with the smallest of habits. One of the keys to success is overcoming bad habits and learning new things, whether it's organizational, financial, or life skills. It is imperative to prosper in our thinking and implement what we learn. Bad habits can make us unhealthy, cost us money, and ruin relationships. My goal is to rite about the the things that motivate me, in hope that it motivates you as well. We shouldn't try to compete with others but rather be the best version of who God intended us to be. With God on our side we can do much bigger than things than we've imagined!

Hi! I'm Valerie Clay. My story begins with leaving home at a young age. Despite my ignorant beliefs, economics class wasn't sufficient for preparing me for the real world. No one told me how to use credit or manage debt. I spent years going into debt hoping to afford nice things. Even though I eventually realized debt wasn't the way to go, it wasn't until after I had bought a lot of material possessions on credit.

I then met a man who worked for Primerica. I hired him to sell me some life insurance but the basic information he shared turned my life around. He showed me how to budget my finances most effectively. He also showed me how to save money without it greatly affecting my bills. My savings grew to $5000 for the first time ever! I was finally able to save money and had long-term financial goals.

Unfortunately, I was married to someone who was financially irresponsible who refused to allow me to have savings. Long story short I became a single mom. With no child support coming in, my kids depended solely on me. I learned to be extremely frugal in my spending. I paid off all of my debts and provided as many side services as I could to create extra income. It was tough being a single mom and trying to keep a flexible schedule for them, yet making as much money as I could to get ahead. I learned to be disciplined in my finances which meant living well below my means and making sacrifices.

Fast forward to the life I live now. My current husband and I have used strategies that I share in my blog to get out of debt. The seed that the Primerica agent had sown paid off as I used the debt snowball principles to get and stay out of debt. We've worked hard to pay off over $100,000 worth of our combined debt, and we did this in about 5 years!

To get to where we are, we had to utilize side businesses, flip houses, & provide extra services for people to create additional income to achieve our goals. We are almost completely debt-free including the house! We have also overcome many bad habits such as using credit to create debt. We use cash to pay for things or we do without them. My husband and I both came from a poor background. If we can build a great life from nothing, you can too but it may take some hard work and sacrifice. You may need to get an education or develop some skills. But it is possible to achieve your goals. 


I feel that God has called me to help inspire people to get and stay on a good path.

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