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You may be asking yourself, "Why would a Realtor be talking about getting healthy?"Lon  

Well, let me ask you a question-
"What good is it to buy a home if you are too sick to enjoy it?"  
My story:
Knowing how to do all the work ourselves, my husband and I bought a foreclosure in 2014 with the hopes of remodeling it to sell it and make money off of it, just like we had done with our previous home. Long story short, I became so sick I was barely able to help or enjoy the work we had already done. This past year, the sickness affected nearly every aspect of my life! I became obese, had trouble breathing, walking up the stairs, or doing any physical activity which made everything even worse. I was miserable! I became so depressed that I stopped working and almost gave up on trying to get better. I begged the doctors to figure out what was wrong and help me. I'm better now but the journey to health was was more of a battle with my own mind than anything else. After going through this I have made it a personal mission to help others GET HEALTHY!
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Welcome to my GET HEALTHY campaign!
I am adding many links and articles to my blog that will help you learn how to lose weight, get healthy and feel better! You may think it has nothing to do with real estate but from everything I've seen while in the business it has EVERYTHING to do with real estate. How can you pay your mortgage if you are not healthy enough to go to work? Sickness, obesity, depression, joint pain, and inflammation all affect our ability to live a normal life. If I had known first-hand (like I do now) the impact that these things have on a person's life, I would have been adamant about this YEARS ago. But, honestly, I didn't know. 😞 It is now my goal to help others learn how to cook healthy food that will make you FULL, and help you to lose weight. Yes, you read that right. You can EAT and get FULL and still lose weight :). I've lost 45 pounds so far and about 10 inches from my waist to prove it. I know most people don't like to cook at home anymore and THAT'S part of the obesity problem we have here in Alabama which is now more than 35% of the population! But, it really it really doesn't take that much more time if you consider driving time to the restaurant, discussion time with your spouse and kids about WHERE to eat, or sitting and waiting time once you get there. With just a little extra effort you can still enjoy food that tastes great, and use it to LOSE WEIGHT! And, don't get me wrong, you can still eat out, but you will just simply have to change the way you order your food.
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