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-Typically, the most important room for buyers is the kitchen. (A great kitchen can sell a home!)
-Spring is not necessarily the best time to list your home. (I can send you statistics for your particular area.)  
-Splurge on home staging, have the home deep cleaned, and any part of the lawn that can be seen from the front of the house landscaped or at least cleaned up and well manicured. (The presentation is everything!)
-Most buyers are looking for the newest or most recently updated home in its price range.
-All things considered, if you have an average home, price it at an average price. (A higher price makes the home even less competitive.)
-Things that make a home MORE VALUABLE are things like: more square footage than nearby homes, more recently updated, more expensive upgrades such as granite countertops, the addition of hardwoods instead of carpet, or new energy-efficient windows.
-It is expected that a home should be in good repair. Putting on a new roof, for example, doesn't make the home more valuable, just more marketable(Talk to a professional before making upgrades to find out where to put your money.) 

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